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DBT Technology Award 2018:

Dr Soumya Haldar Prin. Scientist, awarded, the innovation owns prestigious Biotech product, process development and commercialization award by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India on 11th May, 2018, Technology Day by Honorable S & T Minister, Govt. of India in the gracious presence of Honorable President of India. Strip based bacterial contamination detection in water: It will allow water operators to monitor timely water quality information and an early warning of contamination that can occur in any water supplies, prohibiting possible epidemic risks. This simple kit can tell you if your RO system at home is eliminating bacteria. For municipal corporations, the kit can help the water supply department regulate the amount of chlorine infused into water sources, by giving an idea of level of bacterial contamination. For the millions who live in slums and villages, it can provide an early warning of bacterial contamination and prevent diarrhea, dysentery or any other water-borne bacterial diseases.